Telemedicine and telehealth services

We work with leading industry partners to provide telemedicine services across the country. As the healthcare industry evolves, the way in which providers connect with patients is also evolving. Technological advances has paved the way for telemedicine services wherein people can connect with physicians and other healthcare professionals using technology such as cell phones or computers. 

Why is telemedicine important?

Patients often go to primary care providers first. If people cannot get access to care and treatment when they need it, this can lead to medical problems being undiagnosed. In the long run, this will cost not only patients time and money but also the healthcare industry as well as the economy. As a result, telemedicine services and solutions are becoming more necessary. With providers being able to conduct virtual visits with patients, they can direct individuals to other medical professionals if necessary   

 It is interesting to note that traditional care visits have decreased in the last few years. On the other hand, more and more individuals are visiting nurse practitioners and physicians, sometimes using telecommunications to do so. What is more, telemedicine has paved the way for patients to receive care from the comfort of their own homes. All in, telemedicine combines increased convenience with enhanced care. 

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What telemedicine services do we provide?

  • Planning, consulting, implementing, and monitoring telemedicine programs  
  • Integrating with other healthcare systems 
  • Consulting for telemedicine technology and systems such as software and hardware, workflow, etc. 
  • Developing applications for specific diseases and illnesses 
  • Evaluating and enhancing network infrastructure on site
  • Recruiting, on-boarding, training staff, supporting clinicians and other healthcare professionals 
  • Consulting in regards to private and public payer billing 
  • Servicing remote places such as indigenous communities along with isolated occupational worksites 
  • Identifying new private payer opportunities for business and revenue growth 
  • Monitoring health devices and other tools as needed

Where can telemedicine services be provided?

Patients can now receive care at home, at work, or convenient Points Of Care in their community. Some examples include hospitals and other healthcare facilities, pharmacies and retail locations, community centres, schools, etc. 

Why work with Telemedicine Partners?

We have experts with years of experience in the telehealth industry. With consultants across North America, we are here to support not only providers but also companies and retailers looking to become hosted points of care. In this day and age, convenience is a critical component for timely access, effective continuity of care, and favourable outcomes for the patient. 

We all want easy access to care without compromising on quality and privacy. Telemedicine Partners provides consulting and management services to public and private healthcare organizations. Our goal is to help vendors develop and enhance their telemedicine services. We understand that patients want to build a relationship with one provider rather than seeing a different physician for every visit.

Ultimately, pharmacies and healthcare organizations can extend their care to attract more customers in addition to enhancing their relationships with existing patients. 

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