Primary Care

Telemedicine solutions for Primary Care clinicians

When it comes to choosing a technology provider for your practice, you deserve a partner who shares your goals and vision and who can provide appropriate solutions to help you achieve them. Telemedicine Partners can help onboard and market your telemedicine platform so you can focus on what matters most: your patients.

We are all witnessing the transformation of healthcare. At Telemedicine Partners, we are working hard to bring our dedicated solution providers forward to make prevention and wellness more accessible to everyone. 

By connecting physicians to other health professionals ie. pharmacists, optometrists, and physiotherapists, we are laying the groundwork to form a pan-Canadian super-network. 

Safety, security, and sustainably are the guiding principles behind all we create.  Our unbiased approach ensures that the right solution is selected for your application.

Our expertise is backed by powerful technology partnerships with leading telemedicine plarform  providers. 

Benefits of telemedicine for Primary Care clinicians.

  • Diagnose many ailments and illnesses via a robust telemedicine platform. We help integrate medical peripherals enabling providers to consult with patients without compromising the quality of care and according to college guidelines. 
  • Many Points of Care are hosted meaning a trained and supported technician is physically with the patient to help with intake, imagery, case presentation and general patient management. This helps achieve efficient workflow and keeps you in front of patients. 
  • Multiple Points of Care so your practice can have a virtual presence in multiple locations.

Why choose Telemedicine Partners?

  • We’ve done this before and can save you time and money. 
  • We can help connect you to multiple hosted Points of Care.
  • Help remote communities including First Nations. 
  • Increase revenue via more available billable hours enabling you to see more patients.
  • Marketing of your virtual practice.
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