Telemedicine Solutions

Telemedicine Implementation

Whether you are a clinician, pharmacist, or large employer, a well thought out business model and implementation strategy are key components to your success as a virtual care provider or Point of Care. 

What are the steps in the telemedicine implementation process?

Our process includes the following:

Needs Assessment:

  • Where are you geographically? (As a clinician or a Point of Care.)
  • What population are you seeking to serve? (Where are the opportunities for a private practitioner versus a specialist or pharmacy?)
  • As a pharmacy, who are the practitioners or specialists in your community that you can partner with and support? Clinicians prefer working with a hosted Point of Care as it aids with intake and workflow. It’s important to identify clinicians in your community that are already established virtually or looking to do so. It’s also important to work with clinicians that are seeing patients in your community from elsewhere in the province. Our needs assessment assess opportunities for your consideration. 

 Technology Recommendation:

  • The outcome of your needs assessment will more than likely determine what telemedicine platform you end up moving forward with. 
  • The technology recommendation is also influenced by the EMR of choice but more and more interoperability tools are surfacing that are making the EMR integration challenges less challenging. Nobody likes switching operating systems, and you shouldn’t have to. 
  • As a remote community seeking telemedicine solutions, your internet speeds and method of accessing the internet will have a significant influence on which telemedicine platform we would recommend. Not all platforms are created equal and some won’t even function if connecting via satellite. 


Once we’ve written your plan and identified your pathway, it’s important to get things started on the right foot.  As a pharmacy, your POC technician interfacing with patients should be well trained and ready to work with the participating clinician. Proper intake may include capturing any required imagery and working to provide the clinician with reliable data in a secure format enabling them to make an informed decision. 

As a primary care or specialty care clinician you need to ensure your station is properly set up. Will you have a stationary setup or one that can move with you? Is it a single or multi-user station?

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Learn more about telemedicine implementation. 

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