Telemedicine solutions for employers and employees

Medical appointments for employees and their families result in lost productivity. nyForward thinking employers are seeking virtual solutions through their benefits provider. While this is a logical route to take as it relates to exploring what options are available to your organization our recommendation is to keep any virtual access to care platform separate and managed internally by Human Resources. 

How the doctors team work

How does telemedicine work for employers? 

Telemedicine Partners works directly with many employers and businesses to provide virtual care for their employees and families. 

Employees and their families can connect with a primary care clinician or other via any smart device. If an employee requires medical peripherals to confirm an ear or lung infection they can be directed to a local pharmacy that is setup as a ‘hosted’ Point Of Care (POC). A hosted POC is typically a local pharmacy with trained and supported telemedicine technician. 

Alternatively, employers with 250 employees or more could establish a small dedicated clinic and employ a full time nurse that would be trained and supported. 

Telemedicine delivers value for employees and their families while improving productivity. 

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