Telemedicine consulting services

Our consulting services cover a wide range of roles and topics. All are related or tied to telemedicine in one way or another. 

Virtual care is upon us as a society. In 2020, activity and adoption of telemedicine has only accelerated. The traditional doctor’s office visit of waiting in a room with other patients will become a model of our past. 

We are software and device agnostic. As such this enables us to be objective and put forward solutions that make the most sense for the application. Our mandate is to serve our clients to the best of our ability and to deliver a strategy that is safe, effective, and sustainable while meeting the goals of every client.

Which telemedicine providers do we partner with?

Positioning ourselves as software and device agnostic, we work with all of the major telemedicine platform providers including but limited to the following:

  • Teladoc
  • Telus Health 
  • Amwell 
  • CloudMD
  • iTelemed
  • Maple 

We love working with forward thinking groups and enterprises, helping clinicians, their patients as well as employers and employees access the care they need in a convenient, safe, and sustainable manner.

Do you need telemedicine consulting services? 

We are prepared and excited to work with:

  • Clinicians
  • Pharmacy Groups
  • First Nation Leadership & Communities 
  • Private and Public School Boards
  • Hotel and Hospitality 
  • Municipalities 
  • Benefit Plan Providers

Why should you consult with Telemedicine Partners?

Working with Telemedicine Partners to design, implement, and manage your telemedicine program will save you time and money. 

Book a free no obligation consultation. We are interested in learning more about you and your business and what it is you are striving to accomplish. 

Learn more about telemedicine consulting.

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